Welcome to The BiLira Organization!

  • No risk of chargeback
  • Eliminates any risk of value loss in assets during volatile markets
  • One to one exchange rate
  • Faster and cheaper on ramp and off ramp for exchanges compared to traditional banking solutions

One unit of BiLira (1 TRYB) is always supported by one unit of the reserve currency (1 TRY).

The fiat-collateralized approach is currently more suitable for the development and mass adoption of stablecoins compared to other approaches, the traditional regulatory requirements the company must meet, requiring members to have a strong auditable reserve capability with respect to traditional supporting assets (such as formal banking relations) and less decentralization — and in terms of price stability, it is currently the most effective approach.

  1. The user creates an issuance request on the BiLira platform. When creating this request, the use must select the amount of BiLira to be issues, the BiLira bank account to which the deposit will be transferred and the digital wallet address to which BiLira will be delivered.
  2. The user transfers funds equivalent to the amount specified in the issuance request to the BiLira bank account.
  3. Upon confirmation of deposit and identity verification, BiLira transfers TRYB’s to the user’s digital wallet address.
The BiLira Platform (Private Beta)
  1. Stable currency: BiLira can be used as a stable currency for digital exchange.
  2. Transparent: The bank account holdings are audited and published regularly to prove existence of funds.
  3. Legal Protection: Anyone who would like to issue or redeem BiLira must pass a KYC/AML check.
  4. Backed by Turkish Liras and 1 to 1 Parity: Every BiLira is always 100% collateralized by TL and is custodied by our banking partners.
  5. Ease of Exchange: You can send the BiLira ERC-20 token to anyone in the world within minutes.
  6. Participate in #DeFi: Explore and interact with decentralized finance products, easily exchange with other assets.



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Türkiye’nin ilk blokzincir tabanlı stabil kripto para birimiyle tanışın